One cannot teach anybody anything. One can only help another discover it within themselves.

About US

Goa School of Light is a semi-alternative, mixed-age Kindergarten located in Reis Magos, Goa. It aims to provide high quality infrastructure and programme to all sections of society. Fees will be highly subsidised for students from a low-income background. All children between 3 to 6 years are welcome.

The answer is not to standardise education, but to personalise and customise it to the needs of each child and community.
There is no alternative. There never was.

– Ken Robinson






A world populated by self-actualised individuals primed to create change.

Our Values

Consciousness – Awareness of self and surroundings, reflection, balance, self evolution
Compassion – Kindness, empathy, grace
Courage – To explore, to be vulnerable, to fight for justice, to be authentic, to take initiative
Community – Collaboration, connection/relationships, development (problem-solving), growth, green living
Creativity – Passion, freedom, open-mindedness, individuality


To create high quality learning spaces that enable the holistic evolution of students.

Our Ethos

The current system of education in India is suited to a different time – the Industrial Revolution. It groups children according to age, teaches every child the same skill/knowledge set regardless of capability and is governed largely by a top-down directive teaching approach. It mainly prepares children for a degree followed by a job.
At GoSol, we believe
  • In education that prepares children for life. At the heart of our philosophy is a student centric approach: every child has their own skills, values, interests and strengths. We want to unearth these and hone them such that the child can then use these to reach their highest potential.
  • That age is a poor yardstick for capability and all age groups can learn from each other.
  • That there is no substitute for spending time in nature – it is and always will be our greatest and most patient teacher. Our connection with and awareness of our environment deepens with mindful time spent outdoors, along with early exposure to sustainable energy practices.
  • That knowing the self is one of the essential aims of transformational education. As we understand ourselves, our compassion and love for ourselves, others and the world at large grows. Compassion is integral to our evolution as a community; our children will engage with kindness and giving as a way of life.
  • In the arts – drama, stories, music, dance, painting – and movement as mediums to teach. Not only do they make learning exciting and fun, they are optimally suited to brain development in pre-schoolers.
Our teachers are guides, mentors and co-learners. Between 3 and 6 years, children tend to imitate life. We limit the directive approach in order to allow children to find their own inner voice. Instead, we encourage our teachers to be strong role models for their children, mimicking a graceful, positive and gentle manner.

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